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 Why Purchase a New Tanning Bed From ESB Service?

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Certified Expert Service and Repair of ESB Brand Tanning beds and Booths.

Have a broken ESB Tanning bed or Booth?

Need replacement parts for your ESB Tanning Bed or booth?

We can help repair any ESB Tanning Bed or booth...Old or new!















We can service all series of OEM ESB Tanning Beds:







Montego Bay

Focus 32




We can service all Private Label ESB Tanning Beds:




Dr. MercolaTM Vitality

Dr. MercolaTM ReFresh

Dr. MercolaTM ReNew

Dr. MercolaTM D-Lite


We can service all "Look-alike" ESB Tanning Beds:



Fiesta Sun


Island Sun





  ***We ONLY service ESB Brand tanning beds.  We sell ESB, Solar Storm, and Solar Wave tanning bed parts, lamps, and new tanning beds.  
  We have replacements for the Sigmatron 10 pin ballast  
  We also carry any ESB brand tanning bed lamp kits (also know as bulb kits) and acrylics.  
  ESB Tanning Bed Lamps (Bulbs):  
  Bronzing Lamps/Bulbs
Sunergy Lamps/Bulbs
Solara Lamps/Bulbs
Red Light Therapy Lamps/Bulbs
Elite Gold Lamps/Bulbs
Renew Lamps/Bulbs
Advantage Lamps/Bulbs
PWR Lamps/Bulbs
Apollo Lamps/Bulbs
Vitamin D Lamps/Bulbs
Sun Express Lamps/Bulbs
Duo Swirl Lamps/Bulbs
Facial Swirl Lamps/Bulbs
Focus 5000 Lamps/Bulbs

Read More On Red Light Therapy

  *Most OEM Dr. Mercola lamps are available exclusively through Dr. Mercola, BUT we may have equivalent aftermarket replacement options for you.  
   Read About Bronzing Bulbs VS. Tanning Bulbs  
ESB Lamp Kits ESB lamps/Bulbs Part Numbers:
F71T12  533125 533126 531016 533210 532000 532001 532002 520003
533211 533000 533001 533002 533212 533003 533010  533100 533213
533215 533160 533150 533214 533130 533140 533054 533055 533057
533053 533050
  ESB Tanning Bed Acrylics For All ESB Tanning Bed Models:  
  Replacement Acrylics for Bench
Replacement Acrylics for Canopy
Replacement Reflectors
Replacement Lamp Guards/Lamp Grids
Tanning Bed Acrylics
PowerKleen Tanning Bed Cleaner offers the full line of ESB Tanning Bed replacement parts and replacement tanning lamp kits for your ESB brand tanning bed, ESB booth, or ESB stand-up tanning system. offers replacement tanning bed electrical components like tanning bed ballast, tanning bed timers, back-up timers, contactors, relays, timer overlays (the button panel/control panel), lamp starters, and more. has ESB brand plastic replacement parts for your ESB Tanning Bed like timer knobs, endcaps, arms (hinges), timer bezel, and tanning bed acrylics. has genuine ESB brand metal replacement parts like hardware (screws, shock ball ends, washers), shock absorbers (gas springs/struts), legs and leg brackets for your ESB tanning bed. also has wiring diagrams for ESB brand tanning beds. has ESB Tanning Bed owner's manuals, ESB Tanning Bed repair manuals, and ESB tanning bed service videos. also has tanning bed lamp kits and replacement tanning lamps.

Shop our convenient tanning store 24 hours a day.  We offer the full line of ESB brand Tanning Bed replacement parts and replacement tanning lamp kits for your ESB brand tanning bed, ESB booth, or ESB stand-up tanning system.

Shop our convenient store today for genuine factory replacement tanning bed parts, replacement tanning lamps and acrylics for your ESB tanning bed, ESB tanning booth, or ESB stand-up tanning system.

Pay for your ESB tanning bed parts or replacement tanning lamps with a credit card or use your PayPal.  Shop store today for replacement parts and replacement tanning lamps for your ESB brand tanning bed, ESB booth, or ESB stand-up tanning system.

Pay for your ESB parts or replacement tanning lamps with a credit card or use your PayPal account to pay. has replacement tanning bed lamps for your ESB Tanning Bed, ESB Tanning Booth, or ESB Stand-up tanning system.   Some of our popular tanning lamps/bulbs are Sunergy lamps, Solara lamps, Elite Gold lamps, PWR lamps, Advantage lamps, Focus 5000 lamps, Apollo lamps, Sun Express Lamps and Renew lamps. has red light therapy lamps and Vitamin D lamps. We also have duo swirl tanning lamps and facial swirl lamps. has replacement acrylics, acrylic trim strips, lamp guards, lamp reflectors for your ESB brand tanning bed, booth, or stand-up tanning system. has Power Kleen Green Tanning Bed cleaner that is safe for tanning bed acrylics.  Power Kleen Green does not contain ammonia or alcohol that can dry out and dull the acrylics in your tanning bed.  Dull and dried out acrylics will cut down on the amount of UV light and decrease the amount of tanning power.   Clean and well maintained acrylics maximize your tanning results and the efficiency of your tanning bed and will help the acrylics to last for years.  Power Kleen Green Tanning bed cleaner sprays on and wipes off and will help your acrylics last for years.  Recommended by the tanning bed manufacturer.


Local Service Area: McMinnville, TN



Regional:  Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan


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Used Tanning Bed Buyer's Guide


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