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Frequently Asked Questions on Repairing ESB Tanning Beds and Booths:

  • Q.  Two Lamps are out right next to each other, but the lamps are ok!
  • A.  You probably need to replace the ballast that drives those lamps.
  • Q.  I replaced the fuse, but it just blows again.
  • A.  Replace the ballast, not just the fuse
  • Q.  Ballasts keep blowing!
  • A.  Check for high voltage and/or bad lamps
  • A.  Convert to the RT Style of ballast
  • Q.  The Circuit Breaker Trips
  • A.  The bed needs to be on a 20 Amp Circuit Breaker that is dedicated to the bed only.
  • Q.  How do I open the canopy cover to start diagnosing an internal problem?
  • A.  See in this video how quick and easy this is:

  • Q.  What if I need to get into the bench instead of the canopy?
  • A.  The proper way to service the bench is to remove the canopy completely, then flip the bench over, remove the legs and then remove the bench cover.  If you just need to quickly crack it open to identify a ballast or clear a wire "Clacking" in the fan, this video shows you how:

  • Q.  Now, how do I secure the cover properly back in place after fixing my bed?
  • A.  See this video on how to secure the cover:
  • Q.  How do I replace my timer?
  • A.  Take a look at this diagram to see how it fits together:

  • Q.  How do I wire my timer?
  • A.  Take a look at this schematic to see how it connects:

ESB Tanning Bed Schematic

  • Q.  But MY timer has three wires, not four!
  • A.  Take a look at this schematic to see how Revision "C" timers connect:

ESB 3-Wire Timer Schematic

  • Q.  What is a buck-Booster, and do I need to use one?

  • A.  This video explains buck-booster transformers:














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