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(Send us your timer at our NEW address BELOW...NOT the one shown in the above video!)

Do you have a blown timer from an ESB Tanning Bed or booth?

You can save money by having yours rebuilt!














Send your old ESB timer here:

ESB Service

569 N. Walton Dr.
Whitewater, WI 53190

***If mailing a check, make the check payable to Dulaney Drafting And Design.***

Timer rebuild turn-a-round time is 1-2 days.

Rebuild Cost is $125.00 + $11.25 Shipping

Please include a note telling us how to contact you when the timer is ready.  Payment can be settled at that time.



New boards are made on machines that create cold solder joints, leading to failures....Rebuilds have the hands-on attention and care of experienced, qualified technicians.

Our ESB Tanning Bed Circuit Board Repair Technicians have over 20 Years of experience repairing Printed Circuit Boards...Specializing in ESB Tanning Bed Timer boards!

Send us your blown ESB timer board...We will rebuild and test it 100% before shipping it back to you!

You can purchase ESB Tanning Bed Timers that have already been rebuilt if you don't want to wait!

ESB replacement Timers have had part numbers such as:

600110, 600220, 600028, 600029, 600030, 600031, 600032, 600033, 600034, 600035, and 600036.

Timer Chip Re-Programming

ESB Service is now offering timer re-programming, which can save you a lot of money!

Does you timer seem to respond, but it's glitchy and/or does not operate properly?  It might need to be factory re-programmed, which only cost $36.00.  (This repair does not always work, but does in many cases.)

If the re-programming of your timer chip does not work we can usually rebuild the timer or replace it with a new one - so there are other options...this is just our cheapest way to get you back to happily tanning again on a budget!

ESB replacement Ballasts have had part numbers such as:

520000, 520001, 520002, 520022, 520005

and also were marked "P/N:520001/520002 P206B"

*Rebuilds for ESB ballast are on hold!


  We have replacements for the Sigmatron 10 pin ballast  


Local:  Roscoe * Rockton * Loves Park * Machesney Park * Beloit * South Beloit * Cherry Valley * Belvidere * Rock Valley * Forest City


Regional:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan


***We ONLY service ESB Brand tanning beds.  We sell ESB, Solar Storm, and Solar Wave tanning bed parts, lamps, and new tanning beds.


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