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Currently Available Lamps


Cross Reference Chart of Compatible Tanning Lamp Replacement Bulbs

This is ESB Service currently available tanning and bronzing lamps (bulbs) chart.  The cross reference chart shows the currently compatible lamps that are compatible with the older style lamps that originally came with your ESB bed, booth, or stand-up tanning unit.  The cross reference chart below will help you pick the correct lamp based on the lamp orientation (lay-down or standup), lamp type, lamp brand, lamp name, type of timer (minutes), and lamp purpose (tanning lamp or bronzing).  The cross reference chart outlines the current equivalent replacement lamps based on comparable lamp performance, lamp life cycle, and lamp output characteristics.


The following table outlines all current equivalent replacement lamps based on comparable lamp performance, life cycle and output characteristics.
Orientation Purpose Timer (Minutes) Type MFG Part # Alt. # Brand Name Current Replacement
Lay-down Tanning 20 Body 531014   Wolff   Apollo #2718
531012   Elite Gold Super Rx (No Reflector)
533010 2266 Sunergy (No Reflector)
531009   Elite Gold Elite Gold RFL (With Reflector) Sunergy Select #533000
531006   Elite Gold Super Rx
532000 2263 Solara Classic
533160 2267 Focus 5000
533201   Dual Sun RFL - Body
533170 SCR71BP/HO/9.5 Sun Celeste Sun Celeste
534000   Sunergy Select Swirl
Face 531007   Elite Gold Goldenface (No Reflector) Sunergy Facial #533001
531010   Elite Gold Goldenface Super Rx
533150 2273 Focus 5000 Dual Face/Foot
532001 2262 Solara Facial
532004   Solara Facial Swirl
533003 2325 Sunergy Facial Swirl
Arm 531011   Elite Gold Elite Extended Super Rx Sunergy Duo #533002
533200   Dual Sun RFL XL - Arm
532002 2293 Solara Duet
531016 2324 Sunergy Duo Swirl
17 Body 533211 2269 Sun Express Body Swirl Still Available
Face 533212 2271 Sun Express Facial Swirl
Arm 533210 2272 Sun Express Duo Swirl
Bronzing 15 Body 533052   Advantage  PWR II Advantage PWR III #533054
533180 1942 Twist Power
Face 533055 2277 Advantage PWR III Face & Body Still Available
Arm 533057 2278 Advantage PWR III Face & Arm & Body
Stand-up 10 Body 533051   Advantage PWR I Sunergy Selectra VHO #533125
533120   Sunergy Select +10
532003 2264 Solara Supreme VHO Body
Face 533126 2276 Sunergy Selectra VHO Facial Still Available
532006 46826 Solara Supreme VHO Facial Sunergy Selectra VHO Facial # 533126
Arm 533013   Sunergy Selectra VHO Duo Discontinued
There are no current equivalent replacements for the lamps on the following table.  We are only providing recommendations that would still fit and work.
Orientation Purpose Timer (Minutes) Type MFG Part # Alt. # Brand Name Recommended Replacement
Lay-down Photo-Therapy 20 Face 532008 2514 Solara Classic ReNew Sunergy Facial #533001
532010 2641 ReFresh
Body 532007 2515 Solara Classic Infra-Red Sunergy Select #533000
533216 2406 D-Lite Rx Sun D
15 Face 533050 2290 Radiance ReNew T5 Call 630-400-1121 or email
533053 3015 Radiance ReNew Plus T8
Body 533218 2283 Dr. Mercola Rejuenessence T12
Stand-up 10 Face 532005 2368 Solara Supreme ReNew Sunergy Selectra VHO Facial # 533126
532009 2640 ReFresh
Body 533216 2406 D-Lite Rx Sun D Sunergy Selectra VHO #533125
All 7' Lamps have been discontinued by the manufacturer, so they are no longer available to purchase.
If you have an ESB brand lamp that is not on this list, please contact us directly for further assistance.

  List of ESB Tanning Bed Lamps (Bulbs) Used in ESB Beds:  
   Bronzing Lamps / Bulbs
Sunergy Lamps / Bulbs
Solara Lamps / Bulbs
Red Light Therapy Lamps / Bulbs
Elite Gold Lamps / Bulbs
Renew Lamps / Bulbs - (Renamed to Rejuvenessence)
Advantage Lamps / Bulbs
PWR Lamps / Bulbs
Vitamin D Lamps / Bulbs
Sun Express Lamps / Bulbs
Duo Swirl Lamps / Bulbs
Facial Swirl Lamps / Bulbs
Focus 5000 Lamps / Bulbs

We also offer Cheetah Lamps too!

   ESB Tanning Lamps / Tanning Bulbs Part Numbers:
F71T12  533125 533126 531016 533210 532000 532001 532002 520003
533211 533000 533001 533002 533212 533003 533010  533100 533213
533215 533160 533150 533214 533130 533140 533054 533055 533057
533053 533050 533120

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*Most OEM Dr. Mercola lamps are available exclusively through Dr. Mercola, BUT we may have equivalent aftermarket replacement options for you.


***We ONLY service ESB Brand tanning beds.  We sell ESB, Solar Storm, and Solar Wave tanning bed parts, lamps, and new tanning beds.


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