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 Tanning Lamps vs. Bronzing Lamps (Bulbs)


Choose the best lamp style for your skin!
Benefits of the Sun:

*Stimulates Vitamin D3 Production

*Enhances Moods and Increases Seratonin Production

*Helps Improve Bone Health

*Improves Skin Disorders



All tanning lamps will create a natural color tan because they use UVA and UVB light rays just like the sun or natural sunlight!

No Orange Color!















It is helpful to understand the difference between regular tanning lamps (bulbs) and bronzing lamps (bulbs) before purchasing your lamps.  There is some confusion around tanning lamps and bronzing lamps.  Tanning beds or tanning booths can come with a variety of lamps, they can be regular tanning lamps, bronzing lamps, or even red light therapy lamps.  We will mostly discuss regular tanning lamps vs. bronzing lamps for your tanning bed or tanning booth.

Both regular tanning lamps and bronzing lamps are designed to emit UV rays.  The two types are UVA and UVB rays.

UVA light rays have a longer wavelength and will penetrate the skin deeper than the UVB light rays.  Since UVB rays only affect the top layer on the skin this type of light ray can cause reddish colored tan or possible skin burns.  Because UVA light rays penetrate deeper into the skin, these light rays oxidize the melanin in your skin to create than brown color in your tan.

The more UVB rays a lamp emits the more your skin may have a reddish look to your tan.  The more UVA rays your lamps emit the more your tan will be brown because it is penetrating into the melanocyte in the skin.  These melanocytes are what gives your skin it's color.  Bronzing lamps use less UVB and more UVA.  Regular tanning lamps use more UVB rays and less UVA rays.  Regular tanning lamps are good for developing a base tan and may be good for people who are just getting into indoor tanning and using tanning beds.  Bronzing lamps are good for more experienced tanners who already have been tanning and have a base tan.

  Regular Tanning Lamps (Bulbs) VS. Bronzing Lamps (Bulbs)  
  Use More UVB Rays

Penetrates Only Top Layer Of Skin

May Redden Skin Or Burn

Creates A Base Tan

Faster But Lighter Tan

Creates A Gradual Tan

Good For Beginners Or Lighter Skin

Use More UVA Rays

Penetrates Deep Into The Skin

Browns Melanocytes

Produces Deep Brown Tan

Long Lasting Tan

Immediate Bronzing Effect

Great For Experienced Tanners


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   Bronzing lamps (bronzing bulbs) will create a darker tan and last longer but the tan is achieved at a slower pace than with regular tanning lamps (tanning bulbs).  To see results with bronzing lamps it is recommended to have a base tan before using bronzers.  Bronzing lamps are less likely to burn the skin than regular tanning lamps because the rays penetrate deeper into the skin.  
  No matter what kind of tanning lamps you purchase they will give you a natural looking tan because they use the same UVA and UVB rays that the sun produces to tan your skin.  Tanning lamps will not give your skin an orange look like spray tanning will.  It is a misconception that bronzing lamps can color skin orange.  Bronzers use "sunlight" like rays and will color the skin just like natural sunlight.  Spray tanning solutions  and spray tanning booths can give the skin an orange look because the tan is made form chemicals and not UVB or UVA light rays that will cause the melanin in your skin to darken.  
   Red Light Therapy Lamps (Bulbs)  
  Red light therapy lamps are also another kind of lamp (Bulb) that is used in " non-tanning beds" but these lamps don't tan the skin, but they provide benefits to the skin and are great for people who do not wish to tan but like to took great and live a health lifestyle.  Tanning beds can come with a variety of lamps even inside the same unit.  If you wish to read more on red light therapy or red light lamps please click on the link below.  

Read More On Red Light Therapy

  *Most OEM Dr. Mercola lamps are available exclusively through Dr. Mercola, BUT we may have equivalent aftermarket replacement options for you.  
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  Why does the price on tanning lamps vary so much?  
  Why Purchase a New Tanning Bed From ESB Service?  
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PowerKleen Tanning Bed Cleaner


Tanning Lamps Tips:

Lamps should be replaced after they have reached their hour life rating.  Some tanners like to replace their tanning lamps 200 hours before they have reached their hour life.  This is up to the consumer because tanning lamps can be expensive but the quality of your tan will depend on your lamps.  Tanning lamps work best the newer they are and will decrease in power the older they are.  It is recommended to clean your tanning lamps and your tanning bed acrylics to keep dust, pet hair, tanning lotions, and any other dirt buildup from cutting down the UVA and UVB light rays that your tanning lamps emit.  The cleaner the lamps and acrylics are the better your tan will be.  Tanning bed acrylics are very delicate to chemicals and harsh cleaners and can be damaged if cleaned with the wrong cleaning solution.  PowerKleen™ is a safe and effective cleaner for tanning bed acrylics and will remove oils, lotions, and dirt from your tanning bed acrylics without scratching or dulling the acrylics.  Harsh chemicals can dry out acrylic and make it brittle.  Tanning bed acrylics are expensive to replace so it is better to take good care of them to make sure they last.  It is recommended to replace your acrylics when you replace your lamps, if they are old and scratched, or have not been taken care of properly they can be a safety issue. 

NOTE:  Tanning bed acrylics are different than Plexiglas.  Plexiglas does not let UVB and UVA light rays to pass through it so you will NOT tan if you replace your acrylics with Plexiglas.

Purchase Power Kleen Green™ for your tanning bed acrylics HERE.

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