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Tanning Lamp Breakdown and Prices

Download Lamp Breakdown and Price Sheet PDF

ESB Lamp Compatibility and Availibility

Brand Part # Description Price Timer (Min.) Type Bed
ESB* 2718 Apollo - Body $20.00 20 Tanning Lay-down
533000 Sunergy Select - Body $24.40
533001 Sunergy Facial $33.00
531016 Sunergy Duo Swirl - Arm  *DISCONTINUED $37.70
533003 Sunergy Facial Swirl *DISCONTINUED $33.50
533002 Sunergy Duo - Arm $33.50
Wolff 2393 Sun Fusion CC - Body $14.00
1704 Sun Fusion FT - Dual Tone face/body $18.00
1705 Sun Fusion BT - Dual tone face/arm $18.00
ESB* 533211 Sun Express Body Swirl $33.00 17
533212 Sun Express Facial Swirl $47.10
533210 Sun Express Duo Swirl - Arm $49.00
533054 Advantage PWR III ESB Body $45.30 15 Bronzing
533055 Advantage PWR III F+B ESB Facial $47.40
533057 Advantage PWR III F+A+B ESB Arm $49.60
Wolff XP Inferno XP 9.9 Bronzer - Body $18.00
2645 Wolff Inferno 11.9uvb. "Hottest 100w lamp on the planet." $24.95
ESB* 533125 Sunergy Selectra VHO Body $43.30 10 Standup
533126 Sunergy Selectra VHO Facial $48.00
532003 Solara Supreme VHO Body    *DISCONTINUED $30.96
Wolff 2655 160 Watt Inferno Lamp 2655 $29.95














  Sunergy lamps superceded Solara, which superceded Elite Gold.  Sunergy Selectra lamps supersede Advantage PWRI.

Full Body Lamp - All blue, standard.  Available in tanning or bronzing.

Facial Lamp - Pink**, rest Blue/Body.  Available in tanning or bronzing.

Arm Lamp - Pink** Arm, rest Blue/body.  Available in tanning or bronzing.

Full Body Swirl*** Lamp - All blue with Swirl***.  Available in tanning.

Facial Swirl*** Lamp - Pink* Face with Swirl***, rest Blue/Body.  Available in tanning.

Arm Swirl*** Lamp - Pink* Arm with Swirl***, rest Blue/Body.  Available in tanning.

     *ONLY ESB Brand Lamps have internal reflectors, increasing output up to 50%.  
  **Pink areas of the lamps have a higher UVB output for more melanin production.

***Swirl areas of the lamps have more surface area, adding ~ 15% more tanning power.


All lamp orders are 100% covered against shipping damage.
Order 1 - 24 lamps, pay only $6500 shipping.
Order 25 - 48 lamps, pay only $85.00 Shipping.
Please inquire about discounts on larger lamp orders.
Most lamp orders are filled within 2 weeks via. FedEx.
Lamps only ship to the contiguous United States.
We also sell phototherapy such as Red light, Blue light, or Infrared.

Check Out Our LED Phototherapy Products here

Purchase RED Light Therapy Products HERE


What is the difference between Tanning and Bronzing Lamps?

   Bronzing lamps have a lot more UVA and less UVB than most tanning lamps.  UVB produces melanin (necessary to start the tanning process) and Vitamin D within the skin, but overexposure to UVB can also redden some people's skin.  UVA Browns the melanin (which starts out more pink-ish)  after it is produced.  So more UVA in bronzing lamps is where all the "Bronzing Power" comes from.  Therefore, tanning lamps may be better for beginners or tanners with fairer skin, while bronzing lamps may be better for more advanced tanners with darker skin.  This chart depicts the difference in the output of tanning and bronzing lamps.  The bronzing lamp curve is red, while the tanning lamps curve is yellow.  From the left to right is the spectrum of Ultraviolet light measured in Nanometers.  Going up and down is the amount of power given at the respective wavelengths.  

Tanning Lamps Vs. Bronzing Lamps


Click to See the

  Read About Bronzing Bulbs VS. Tanning Bulbs  
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Lamp kits for ESB Brand Tanning Beds available here
Lamp kits for Solar Storm and Solar Wave Brand tanning Beds available here
Watch helpful videos about tanning beds on our YouTube Channel here
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  ESB Tanning Bed Lamps (Bulbs):  
  Bronzing Lamps/Bulbs
Sunergy Lamps/Bulbs
Solara Lamps/Bulbs
Red Light Therapy Lamps/Bulbs
Elite Gold Lamps/Bulbs
Renew Lamps/Bulbs
Advantage Lamps/Bulbs
PWR Lamps/Bulbs
Apollo Lamps/Bulbs
Vitamin D Lamps / Bulbs
Sun Express Lamps/Bulbs
Duo Swirl Lamps/Bulbs
Facial Swirl Lamps/Bulbs
Focus 5000 Lamps/Bulbs
  Read More On Red Light Therapy  
  *Most OEM Dr. Mercola lamps are available exclusively through Dr. Mercola, BUT we may have equivalent aftermarket replacement options for you.   
ESB Lamp Kits ESB Tanning Lamps/Bulbs Part Numbers:
F71T12  533125 533126 531016 533210 532000 532001 532002 520003
533211 533000 533001 533002 533212 533003 533010  533100 533213
533215 533160 533150 533214 533130 533140 533054 533055 533057
533053 533050 533120
   Local Service Area:  McMinnville, TN



Regional:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan


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Download Lamp Breakdown and Price Sheet PDF


Full Spectrum Graph Page


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