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 Red Light Therapy, Relax, Renew and Refresh... for a New You!



Timeless Beauty 20

Red Light Therapy Bed



*Reduce Lines

*Reduce Wrinkles

*Improve Acne

Rejuvanessence RVL

Red Light lamps














  No UV Light associated with RED light therapy.

Promote the production of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Helps diminish freckles, age spots, acne, and even out your skin tone.

Reduce the size of facial pores.

Brighten your skin tone and reduce age spots.

What is RED LIGHT Therapy?
Red Visible Light Therapy (or phototherapy) in the wave length range measured in nanometers ( 600 - 700 ) region is definitely a breakthrough technology. It was researched over 25 years ago as a potential medical treatment method in treating burn victims, or especially wound healing. And it was discovered as a natural treatment process for certain skin conditions especially due to aging. It is totally UV free!  And has been found to help specifically rejuvenate your skin to feel better about your appearance. The natural red light waves not only potentially stimulates cell energy in the fibroblast cells but potentially speeds up the collagen and elastin production. It also promotes the oxygenation and restoration of the skinís natural cellular activity.



Timeless Beauty 20 Features:


20 Renew Red Light UV Free Collagen Lamps

Styling - Sleek and Beautiful 

Ultra Clear Acrylics for Perfect Exposure 

Maximum Airflow - Quite and Comfortable

ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money

Safety Back Up Timer - Peace of Mind!

Conveniently Plugs Into 120 Volt / 20 Amp Household Outlet

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

The Timeless Beauty 20 Is Truly a Unique Technology with Renew RVL Lamps!


  Anti-Aging with Red Light" Discover the Fountain of Youth for Your Skin"

Aging is a natural process of the human body and the skin ages as well.  According to the American Academy of
Dermatology (AAD) the aging skin cells will produce free radicals that break down collagen.  As our skin ages the collagen layer thins and the elastin degenerates.  This is what creates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Many factors determine the age at which these signs of aging will occur.  Genetics, lifestyle, poor diet, pollutants, and chemicals in the environment and using harsh soaps will all contribute to skin aging.  There are ways to help minimize the effects of skin aging.  Red light therapy can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen production will help decrease fine lines, wrinkles, diminish blemishes, and improve skin texture. ESB "Renew System" with R.V.L. Photon Technology emits red visible light at 630-660 nanometers.  This type of light contains no ultraviolet light.  Thus it does NOT create a tanning or bronzing effect to the skin.  This is great for people who do not wish to tan but want the benefits of red light therapy.  For maximum results when using  a red light therapy bed a healthy lifestyle and good skin care regime is recommended for best results.  R.V.L. lamps and the Timeless Beauty bed made by ESB Tanning Systems Inc. can be purchased through

   R.V.L. Red Visible Light, Photon Technology penetrates deep into the skin to help assist in the body's natural
process of stimulating collagen production that may help in the renew of the skin tone, improve the texture
of the skin, help smooth fine lines, and minimize wrinkles, and reduce blemishes.
   Read more on the ESB Timeless Beauty 20 RED Light Therapy Bed!  
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