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Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

Can you get vitamin D from sunlight?

Can I get to much Vitamin D from sunlight?

Can I get vitamin D from Tanning?

Can I get vitamin D in a tanning bed?

Do I have to tan to get vitamin D?

Are there Non-tanning beds?
















Vitamin D is produced naturally by your skin in response to exposure to UV (ultraviolet light) and from natural sunlight.  Your body makes this essential nutrient for FREE just with sunlight.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the body, it helps in the absorption of calcium.  Without adequate amounts of vitamin D your body cannot utilize the calcium you are ingesting whether is is from your diet or from calcium supplements.  Chronic vitamin D deficiency may take a while to reverse even with proper nutrition and proper amounts of sunlight.  Getting the proper amount if vitamin D just through your diet is  also hard for most people.

In modern life most people spend a lot of time indoors and are not able to be out in the natural sunlight as much as people used to who would spend more time outside.  Sunlight exposure accounts for most of the vitamin D that our bodies absorb.  Vitamin D obtained from sunlight exposure will not accumulate in the body like vitamin D supplements can.  Your body will only make the amount of vitamin D that it needs.  For this reason it is better to get vitamin D from sunlight.

People with dark skin pigmentation may need 20 - 30 minute more sunlight exposure than people with lighter skin.  Even weak sunscreens can block your body's ability to make vitamin D from sunlight.  The healing rays that will generate the production of vitamin D are blocked by glass!  People who live in northern climates get less sunlight exposure than people living near the equator.

People who are unhealthy can also have a lower absorption rate than healthy people.  Vitamin "D" is "activated" by your kidneys and liver before it is utilized by the body.  have kidney or liver disease can greatly reduce your ability to activate circulating vitamin D.

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Your body will make vitamin D out in the natural sunlight or even inside for a tanning bed.  Tanning lamps (bulbs) produce UV light which can be used buy the body to produce vitamin D.  Vitamin D production is in the normal tanning light spectrum.  Tanning beds can be a good source of regular UV exposure since you don't have to worry about rainy days, cloudy days, or winter weather.  You can tan in your tanning bed anytime no matter the time of day or the weather conditions outside.

You will get vitamin D while you are tanning in your tanning bed but how about if you don't want to tan?  Some people want to get the benefits of vitamin D but don't want to tan in a tanning bed.  You can purchase a special bed with lamps that will ONLY give you vitamin D because they only produce just part of the light spectrum that produces vitamin D.  A regular tanning bed or bronzing bed will produce all of the spectrum of light; this will also produce a tan and vitamin D.


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