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Price Difference on Tanning Lamps (Bulbs)

Prices on tanning lamps (tanning bulbs) can vary due to the different lamp options.  A lower end (cheaper) tanning lamp will cost substantially less then a top of the line tanning lamp (tanning bulb).  You will get what you pay for in tanning lamps.  Saving money on a tanning lamp kit may cost you your tanning experience and may not end up saving you money if your not satisfied with your tan.  When you purchase a tanning lamp kit you should consider all your options including price but not limited to just price.

Various Tanning Lamp Options

*OEM (Original Replacement)

*Duo Phosphor

*Internal Lamp Reflectors

*Rare Phosphor (Expensive Material)

*3 Step Manufacturing Process

*Swirl Glass

*Tanning Lamp Power

Consider Your Options in Tanning Lamps (Bulbs)

You should consider your options before purchasing your tanning lamps (tanning bulbs).  The cost of tanning lamps can vary substantially because of the options the tanning lamps have.  These different lamp options can raise the price but will can make a significant different in the quality of your tan.  You should consider these options before you purchase your lamps kit.  Some of your options are OEM lamps (original equipment manufacturer), internal lamps reflectors, swirl glass, duo phosphor, and lamp output.  All of these options will impact the price but will increase the quality of your tan.

Explanation of Tanning Lamps (Bulb) Options

OEM is a fancy way to just say original replacement part from the original equipment manufacturer.  OEM parts and lamps will always fit because these were what your bed came with originally.  OEM lamps and parts may cost more than generic branded or after market parts and lamps but that is because OEM are made with the same high quality standards as the parts and lamps that originally came with your ESB brand tanning bed or ESB tanning booth.
Some tanning lamps come with internal lamp reflectors.  These tanning lamps are the high end lamps and will have a dramatic effect on your tan.  The internal reflectors will focus the UV light more effectively than a non-reflector lamp thus increasing your tan.  Experienced tanners recommend using lamps with internal reflectors, like the high end ESB tanning lamps.

Rare phosphors will increase the price of a tanning lamps.  These rare phosphors are what makes the UV the tanning lamps put out.  These rare phosphors are expensive and are hard to mine and hard to refine for quality.

Swirl glass tanning lamps are more costly to manufacture than a regular tanning lamp that just has a smooth glass finish.  The swirl shape to the glass helps improve the quality of the tan!  Swirl tanning lamps will give a better tan because of the added surface area inside of the lamp, which allows for more phosphor capacity as if it was a wider lamp.  Manufacturing these swirl glass lamps takes a 3-step manufacturing process which adds to the cost of the tanning lamps.
Tanning lamp power will impact the cost of the tanning lamps you purchase.  The stronger the tanning lamp the more tanning power the lamps will have.  High end OEM tanning lamps have the most tanning power allowed by the FDA. 
ESB Tanning Lamps (Bulbs)
To ensure FDA compliance, ESB hires 3rd party companies to measure the tanning lamp irradiance.  ESB high end tanning lamps take full advantage of the FDA's maximum allowable output, while cheaper lamps fall short.  ESB higher-end tanning lamps use thicker glass so breakage of the tanning lamps is less likely compared to cheaper lamps of other manufactures.  ESB higher-end tanning lamps use stricter purity standards of the phosphors used in the lamps, leading to more efficiently burning tanning lamps and longer life of the lamp as well.  High quality ESB tanning lamps have less premature failures than cheaper tanning lamps from other manufactures.  Basically you get what you pay for in the quality of your tanning lamps.  High end ESB tanning lamps have other features like swirl glass making these lamps more expensive but much more effective than non-swirl glass tanning lamps.  These special features are patented by ESB and are only available in ESB brand tanning lamps.
There are many factors to consider before purchasing your tanning lamps kit but with a little fore thought, you can find the right tanning lamp kit that will fit your tanning needs and also your budget.  Making a good choice before you purchase your lamps is necessary because tanning lamps and tanning lamp kits are NOT returnable so it is important that you choose your tanning lamps wisely before you purchase them.

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