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Why Purchase a Refurbished Tanning Bed From ESB Service?

"Nobody Knows ESB Beds Better....Inside and Out!"

When you purchase a refurbished ESB tanning bed from ESB Service you can buy with confidence that you are purchasing a quality refurbished bed by the original design engineer of these tanning beds.  ESB Service has over 18+ years of experience in ESB tanning bed design and function.  We know how each and every ESB tanning bed is made because we designed those beds.  ESB Service is an authorized reseller / dealer of ESB tanning beds and genuine ESB replacement parts for over 8+ years.  ESB Service is committed to good customer service and we offer expert tech help when needed.

ESB Service's Refurbished Tanning Beds

ESB Service's refurbished tanning beds are refurbished to be like factory new condition.  We go over every electrical component to make sure your ESB Service refurnished tanning bed will perform like new and give you years of good tanning.  Our refurbished tanning beds are available for immediate pickup if you are in our local area of Rockford Illinois.

Why Purchase a Refurbished Bed as Apposed to a New Tanning Bed?

Why purchase a refurbished tanning bed instead of a new tanning bed?  New tanning beds can be very expensive and buying a refurbished tanning bed can be a great way to save money!  A quality refurbished tanning bed will last and perform well for years, just like a NEW bed.

Our Current Refurbished Tanning Beds for Sale


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