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 Tanning Bed Acrylic Care


Tanning Bed AcrylicsTanning beds use acrylic NOT Plexiglas!

Plexiglas does NOT allow UV light to pass through it!

Use only indoor tanning bed cleaner approved for your tanning bed acrylics to keep them clean!















Why Should I Clean The Acrylics In My Tanning Bed?

It is very important to keep your tanning bed acrylics clean and in good shape.  The acrylics will wear out just like your tanning lamps and the better you take care of them the longer they will last.  Improper acrylic care will shorten the life of your acrylics and can possible even damage them were they need to be replaced earlier than normal.  Tanning bed acrylics can be very expensive so it is a good idea to keep them in good shape.  The cleaner you keep your acrylics the better UV light will pass through them.  Dust, skin oils, sweat, and lotion residue can cut down on the amount of light passing through the acrylics.  It is extremely important to use the proper cleaner for acrylics other wise your can damage them.  Chemicals like alcohol and ammonia can dry out your tanning bed acrylics making them brittle.  This can cause the acrylics to be weak and more likely they will break during use.  This is obviously dangerous to use a tanning bed with damaged acrylics.  ESB recommends using Power Kleen Green tanning bed cleaner for your ESB tanning bed acrylics. Power Kleen Green comes in three sizes 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz.

*Use ONLY tanning bed cleaner made for acrylics!!!

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When Should I Clean My Acrylics?


You should wipe down your tanning bed acrylics after each use.  This makes sure your tanning bed is clean and ready to use for the next time.  This practice will help to keep dirt, tanning lotion residue, and skin oils from building up.    The cleaner your acrylics the more UV light that will pass through.  Ever 3-6 months it is recommended to do a deep cleaning of your tanning bed.  Clean both sides of the acrylics, wipe down your tanning lamps, clean your fan grills, and wipe down the end caps on your tanning bed.  This will keep your tanning bed performing at its best.  It is best to use a soft clean cloth to clean your bed.



What Is The Life Of The Acrylics?


Just like anything else the acrylics in your tanning bed wear out.  Over time the acrylics will wear out and they will cut down on the UV light that is omitted by the tanning lamps.  Keeping your tanning bed acrylics in good shape and cleaning them with an approved tanning bed acrylic cleaner will help them last as long as possible.  Most tanning bed manufactures recommend replacing the acrylics when you replace your tanning bed lamps.  Most tanning bed manufacturers recommend replacing the acrylics after 1,000 hours of use or when replacing your tanning lamps.


PowerKleen Tanning Bed Cleaner


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