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Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System


This unit has been discontinued BUT we offer another similar unit.

"Light YOUR Way" Light Fixture

Style:  Stand Up Tanning System
Color:  Silver
Tanning Lamps:  10 Elite Reflector Lamps
Total Power: 1,000 Watts
Timer: 10 Minute, Mechanical
Dimensions:  H 76" x W 26" x 4"
Electrical:  120 volt / 15 amps
Receptacle: NEMA 5-15R

Why Buy the ESB Elite Series?

  • Can't Afford a Tanning Bed or Tanning Booth Right Now?
  • Don't Have The Space for a Tanning Bed or Booth?
  • Easily Hangs on a Door
  • Conveniently Plugs into Household Outlet
  • This Is Just What You You've Been Looking For!
  • Look & Feel Great - Get A Great Tan & Vitamin D Too!!

Donít' be fooled by the compact design and styling! The Elite 10 Tanning System Stand Up comes with our premium 10 minute Reflector Tanning Lamps designed specifically just for vertical tanning.

Our Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System definitely takes up very little space too!

Think about, you can use the Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System just about home, work, school, RV / motor home, or hide it a closet.

Enjoy a great tan at a very very affordable price!

Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System Lamps

 As a standard feature The Elite 10 Stand up Tanning System comes standard with our premium 10 minute Full Body "Reflector" style tanning lamps.

These are the very same tanning lamps in our premium Oasis 36 Tanning Booth. 

You'll get 50% more...tanning power from the Elite Stand Up Reflector tanning lamps, as compared to any other non reflector tanning lamps in tanning bed or tanning booth.

The Elite 10 Stand up reflector tanning lamps have been engineered to last up to...1,000 hours or est. 20 years of tanning power!  

ESB Approved Green Energy - Saves You Money!

Get Vitamin D...Naturally - You'll experience the very same Vitamin D benefits just like the Sun's healthy UVB rays, from your very own Elite 10 Stand up Tanning System.  

Elite 10 Stand Up Tanning System: Quick Specs

  • 100 Watt Reflector Type Tanning Lamps
  • 10 Minute Maximum Tanning Time ( per side)
  • 1,000 hour Total Lamp Life - Up to 20 years
  • Unique Design Hangs on Door
  • Premium Warranty
  • ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money
  • Enjoy Healthy UVB Light - Get Vitamin D...Naturally
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Elite 10 Stand Up, Perfect Space Saver, Powerful Tanning System! 

Be Healthy, Tan at Home, Get Vitamin D...Naturally with ESB!

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